Something to Die For

When an ancient Babylonian artifact with an unintelligible inscription is decrypted, it reveals the first words of Genesis, upending the view that the earliest verse of the Bible was created by the hand of God and igniting a chase across three continents by killers intent on ensuring that anyone who has handled it dies. Something to Die For unfolds in Los Angeles, moves to a dealer in Jerusalem, a religious zealot in Israel, a tent preacher in Alabama, a gallery of ancient art in London, returns to Los Angeles and culminates with a return to Jerusalem.

Dark Athena

When a spectacular marble statue of Athena appears at the West Coast Gabriel Museum, curator Jason Connor doesn’t know his investigation of its provenance will take him into the darkest corners of the art world to unravel a dangerous conspiracy that will take him closer to home than he could have imagined. Jason urgently needs to learn the truth about the Athena. But his relentless pursuit risks everything he values. Will it even cost him his life?

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