Studies in Honor of Leo Mildenberg (editor)

Houghton, Arthur, Silvia Hurter, Patricia Erhart Mottahedeh and Jane Ayer Scott, eds. Festschrift fur / Studies in Honor of Leo Mildenberg. Wetteren: Editions NR, 1984. xviii, 297 pp., 43 ppl. Green cloth.

A collection of twenty-five articles mostly on Greek coins.
Noteworthy articles include A. Houghton, "The Seleucid Mint of Mallus and the Cult Figure of Athena Magarsia;" G. K. Jenkins, "Varia Punica;" A. Spaer, "Ascalon: From Royal Mint to Autonomy;" H. A. Troxell, "Carians in Miniature;" and A. Walker, "Some Hoards from Sicily and a Carthaginian Issue of the Second Punic War."